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Aisle Planner

Today I thought I would talk some more about Aisle Planner, the amazing online event planning platform that streamlines the process from start to finish! I used Aisle Planner for the planning of my first styled shoot, and I have also become a master at the program through organizing and setting up accounts for Moxie Events and Event Crush, two wedding and event planning companies in Eugene, Oregon.

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Be Prepared For Anything!

As a wedding and event planner, I have learned to be prepared for any issue that may arise. This skill definitely comes with practice, which is why I believe assisting other planners is so important to gain that valuable experience. Troubleshooting is a huge part of this job, and it becomes easier when you are always on your toes and aware of what is happening, or should be happening, at all times.

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Takeaways from Winter Term

I am currently a junior at the University of Oregon, and I just completed my winter term, which means I only have five more terms until college graduation (one of those being my summer term abroad in Italy). I recognize how fast college is flying by, and I am now trying to apply what I have learned to my business and my goals for after college.

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LVL Academy

As I begin blogging about what I have learned about wedding planning over the past two years, I want to start by saying how my experience at LVL Academy not only taught me everything I need to know within three days, but it also inspired me to reach for my dreams and taught me how to do so in the most elegant way possible.

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With this blog, I will be sharing a lot about what I have learned over the last two years working with other planners, vendors and clients. Before I do so, I want to recognize the planners who have been my mentors over the past year and have taught me all that I know.

Firstly, Deanna Nash from Deanna Nash Events has been a spectacular role model and has taught me a lot about the planning process, coordinating and the industry. I am so grateful to be learning from a wedding planning expert like her.

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