Be Prepared For Anything!


As a wedding and event planner, I have learned to be prepared for any issue that may arise. This skill definitely comes with practice, which is why I believe assisting other planners is so important to gain that valuable experience. Troubleshooting is a huge part of this job, and it becomes easier when you are always on your toes and aware of what is happening, or should be happening, at all times.

Emergency kits always come in handy. You never know when someone is going to need something, and it is my job to have it ready for them. I have made it my duty to bring with me: scissors, several working lighters and other main necessities that we planners always use on the job, such as safety pins. I do have to say I have given away an earring back or two on the job, and I have had safety pins ready to use in seconds because I brought them with me on my assisting jobs. It shows preparedness, gives the client confidence in their planner and their team, and it shows that we are there to support them with anything they may need.

Another important aspect to have in mind is a backup plan for weather, especially in Oregon.
If you are ever questioning whether or not you need a tent for a day with only a twenty percent chance of rain, the answer is most likely yes. In my opinion, you do not want to leave your event up to chance to have a drenched reception or ceremony space. Always have clear umbrellas and extra towels on hand just in case!

Walkie-talkies for the planning team are also useful to have and a huge timesaver on the day of an event. They give off a certain sense of professionalism and preparedness, which impresses many event guests from my experience. Also, informing all event staff and assistants (sometimes forgotten) about the event timeline, vendor list and other checklists prior to the event is so important. Everyone should be informed in order to be prepared to give the client excellent customer service from all vendors at all times. In order to collaborate efficiently, letting everyone know the game plan ahead of time is crucial.

While at LVL Academy, I learned several tricks for how to tie ties and bow ties (see photo), how to cut a wedding cake, how to execute a ceremony rehearsal and much more. These are small but very important skills to be able to utilize if a client ever needs it!

These are just a few planning tips I have personally learned through my assisting experiences (many more to come within my next blog posts!). I hope this helps anyone who is planning an event! Let me know if you have any questions about the event planning process!

Love always,

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