Your Glam Team

Photography by Belen Isabel Photography

Photography by Belen Isabel Photography

So you have chosen your wedding gown and are now deciding on who should be in charge of making sure you look absolutely stunning on your special day. From makeup, hair, nails, waxing and tanning. There are so many aspects for a bride to think about! Among them, hair and makeup are considered to be the most important. Here are a few tips to help you find your perfect glam team:

Find a beauty team that is right for you. To start, check out a variety of companies work. Browse their social media, portfolio and reviews. Make sure they are a legit business with contracts and licenses, and then call or email to see if they fit your personality and needs. It is really all about feeling comfortable with the company you are going to be working with on your wedding morning!


Tips for your beauty trial.  Allot at least two hours for your trial. Come with clean, dry hair and a makeup-free face. Make sure to bring photos of your dress, jewelry and any other inspiration photos you have found. We highly recommend our brides to be looking for inspiration pictures with women that have a similar skin tone and hair color as themselves.


How we create your beauty timelines. First step in creating a beauty timeline is the time in which the bride and her bridal party need to be completely ready by. From there, we will plug in services and the start and end time to decipher how many artists will be needed to accommodate your party. Also, special instructions like directions, parking and the planner’s information are also listed. This will insure a seamless morning for you and your ladies to enjoy getting ready together!


How Cheek to Cheek Artistry is different than other beauty companies. Our company is different in many ways. We exclusively train our artists in technique, chair side manner and styles their kit to replicate each others. This showcases the most up to date, awarded and top-rated products available in the world. Each stylist goes through a rigorous training period of honing their skills to create a flawless, ethereal look for each of their clients. No artist touches a client until they have completed their training and proved to excel at their craft, ensuring that our clients never have to worry. Our experience in the industry is extensive.

And with that, we hope these few tips will help you plan your special day! Cheers!


Author Bio: Hello! We are Dana Tao & Julie Young, owners of Cheek to Cheek Artistry, an exclusive, award-winning & 5 star rated team of beauty professionals. They specialize in flawless airbrush makeup, individual lashes and an array of hair styling options. Each stylist goes through a rigorous training period of honing their skills to create a flawless, ethereal look for each of their clients. Cheek to Cheek strives to provide a luxurious comfortable & personalized experience. We love making brides feel confident and beautiful! Every detail is custom tailored to create a beautiful result entirely. Our team specializes in all ethnicities and are licensed professionals with over a decade of industry experience. 

Photography by Belen Isabel Photography