What is Your ‘Why’?

Photography by Karlee Steingrobe Photography

Photography by Karlee Steingrobe Photography

What is your ‘why’? Why do you get out of bed everyday? Why do you work so hard at your job? Why do you love your career so much? Everyone has their own answers to these questions, but my answer to all four is simply, love. The reason I do what I do will always be love, so in the words of one of my favorite Sam Smith songs, “I do it for the love.”

I really have no other motivation for wanting to be a wedding and event planner other than love. I want my career to be centered around this one abstraction because it really does unite all people, and events are such an amazing way to do so. My hope for my weddings and events is to bring so much love into one space. The hard work and planning is always worth it when you see the guests overcome with joy or the couple more in love than ever by the end of the day. Nothing else really matters except the love that is shared (yet another reason for my blog signature!)

Love always,

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