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What to Think About When Hiring a Designer or Décor Vendor

Customizing an event can be a blast, but overwhelming at the same time. Whether you need help gathering ideas, designing, finding décor or coordinating the event, there are professionals to help. Here are five things to think about when planning an event and how hiring a decor vendor can help!

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What to Think About When Hiring a Custom Stationery Vendor

Invitations are the first visual your guests have of your wedding day, and as a graphic designer specializing in stationery, I’m so excited to break the process down for you today! Your invitations set the tone for the feel of your event, and they determine more than we realize. For example, casual invitations mean casual dress code. No link to the registry means no wedding gifts…

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What to Think About When Hiring a Dessert Vendor

For over fifteen years, I have been providing wedding cakes and desserts through Soft Peaks Cakery. I have seen a LOT of changes over the years. Thirty years ago when my husband and I got married, we spent $300 for the complete day (Equivalent to $1,000 in today’s money). We had lunch, cake and beverages for 75 people in our backyard. Like today, our family and friends helped with the food. I made the cake, we purchased the beverages at the local Costco and we wrote our invites on a brown paper bag…

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