“How wonderful it is having everyone I love in one place.”


I attended my cousin’s wedding last weekend, and it was quite spectacular. The first thing my cousin said to me and my family was, “How wonderful it is having everyone I love in one place.” I chose this quote to highlight because it reminded me of why we were all there together and why special (all) events are so important in life. Celebrating life moments and milestones with loved ones is what my job is all about. Love is truly the reason we come together to celebrate, and bringing everyone together, friends and families, no matter the event, is always done so in love and is always so special for everyone involved. It is so important to cherish our time with one another in this life, and weddings and all other events are such a perfect way to do just that. Every time I go to a wedding or special event I am reminded of the reason I chose this career path: love. For me, love is also my reason for being. For me, there is no life without love, and I want to spread love as wide and far as I can through my event planning.

Seeing two of my favorite people in the world, Kenna, my cousin, and Nick, her new husband, marry last Saturday was so special and inspiring. It reconfirmed my love of love, weddings, and celebrating special moments with family and friends. For them, it was never really about the wedding details per say. It was more about the people that were present and their connection with one another, which is always of utmost importance. This was obvious to me by the focus on the couple’s relationship, on family and friend speeches, and on the overall simplicity of the event. Based on my few conversations with them, there was no color palate, no theme, nothing strict. Their mindset about their wedding was so relaxed and easy-going. To me, this is how a couple can plan more for their marriage than for their wedding, and Kenna and Nick truly inspired me with this overall planning process and wedding. The couple is the reason for the event, so focusing on what is most important is key and makes the event as a whole so much more meaningful and memorable for everyone in my eyes.

A little bit about the sweet couple: Kenna and Nick are unbelievably compatible and two of the kindest, wacky, and fun people I know. They have the most inspiring relationship that is hard to put into words, but all I know is that you can tell they love each other dearly just by how they look at each other and interact, their personalities feed off of each other so well, and I know they will have a lasting marriage that is full of love, communication, fun times, and happiness. They will be an inspiration for my personal relationships and my future marriage, and I could not have imagined a more perfect husband for my cousin. I am just so happy for them. Most definitely a match made in heaven, Kenna and Nick, I wish you the best that life has to offer and all of my love.



Love always,

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