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Five Steps to a Perfect Wedding Film

There are so many different aspects of planning a wedding, but from my knowledge, having a videographer present is so important and worth the investment. So with that, here are five tips on what a couple can do to make their wedding film showcase them in the best way possible. This advice can be used with any videographer as well as be helpful for any couple in understanding the video process. Many couples have no idea what to expect, just like with anything they do the first time!

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Hiring an Event Planner for the First Time (& Not for a Wedding)

Up until now I had heard little about event planners, aside from talking to a few brides here and there. For a long time I also thought they were just for weddings. To give a little background about myself, when it comes to party planning, I enjoy scouring Pinterest for elaborate ideas and then brainstorming ways to get it done in the most budget-friendly way. This last March I had my first experience working alongside event planner Samantha…

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