Selecting the Perfect Floral Designer

Photography by Belen Isabel Photography  Floral Design by Flowers & Thyme

Photography by Belen Isabel Photography

Floral Design by Flowers & Thyme

Being the Owner of Blooms and Twine Floral Design, I know a thing or two about floral design! Today we are going to talk about picking a great florist. Not just in general, but a great florist for you and for your event. Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, blogs… they are all overflowing with talented and creative designers. How do you possibly decide?! When booking vendors, there are a few things you should look for.

Where to Find a Florist

The best way to find a super florist is to get recommendations from your social circle. Did your best friend’s sister’s college roommate post some spectacular photos from her elopement? Find out who she used! You can also ask your vendors. We all have our buddies, the solid gems we turn to time after time. Blogs (like this one hosted by the wonderful Samantha!) can be a great resource, too. Also try Instagram and Facebook! Anywhere you can see photos and get a sense of their style is a great place to start.

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Photography by Meagan Gibson Photography  Floral Design by Blooms and Twine Floral Design

Photography by Meagan Gibson Photography

Floral Design by Blooms and Twine Floral Design

Okay, so you’ve got your list…

Let’s Narrow it Down

  1. Go through their galleries, and don’t be afraid to do a deep creep. Do you like their work? Have they done things in styles that you like?

  2. Follow their Instagram account and see if they upload any stories or more candid shots in their feed. The idea is to really see how they work, not just the beautiful curated images on a website. How do they package their flowers? Do they handle them with care? You’re looking for someone who will take care of all the details, right down to that ultra grammable packaging.

  3. Do you like them? Not just their work, but their personality! When you email them, do they respond pretty genuinely, or is it a copy and paste message? Do they sound genuinely excited to work with you, or are you just another date on their ledger?

  4. Are they within your budget? On average, florals should be about 10% of your overall budget. If you are hoping for lush garlands down every table, and higher-end blooms accenting every corner, expect to spend more. I know money talk is no fun, but if it’s going to cause strain on your new marriage to pay off a ton of credit card debt because you HAD to have the instafamous celebrity florist your sister booked for her multimillion dollar destination wedding, you might want to reconsider. A good florist will be honest about what they can do within your budget, and make suggestions to help you stretch your budget if need be. But that leads me to the next point…

  5. The cheapest florist isn’t always your friend either. Especially if they are actually your friend. There is so much learning and skill that goes into selecting and preparing flowers, and then at the very end there’s the actual very skilled job of putting them into arrangements. It’s an art form, and choosing convenience could cost you down the line (like when your flowers are all dead and wilted in your bridal portraits, or a dyed daisy stains your gorgeous white gown ultraviolet purple).

Photography by Lauren Miles Photography  Floral Design by Blooms and Twine Floral Design

Photography by Lauren Miles Photography

Floral Design by Blooms and Twine Floral Design

Now Pick Your Favorite!

Once you’ve done the prep work, booking your perfect florist should be a piece of cake! Ask them what they need from you to reserve your date. Usually they will send you an itemized list of all the things you’re ordering, and a comprehensive contract that needs to be signed and returned with a deposit to hold your spot. Make sure to read the contract thoroughly with your partner and, if you’re not the ones paying, the person who is footing the bill as well. Keeping everyone on the same page with open communication is the best way to ensure that you get hitched without a hitch.

If that all seems like too much work, consider booking a planner like Samantha to do the leg work for you. Wedding planning can be overwhelming, and having an experienced buddy in your corner can be a really great asset!


Author Bio: Hello! My name is Katie! I’m the Owner and Lead Designer at Blooms and Twine Floral Design. At Blooms and Twine, we do custom event designs for weddings and elopements all over the Pacific Northwest. Our specialty is collaborating with local flower farmers and artisans to bring couples beautiful, locally sourced goodies. I am an avid lover of excessive punctuation and my shop puppy Tillandsia. I never stopped saying the word rad, even though my wife (and talented business partner) teases me about it constantly. I’ve never been to a wedding I didn’t cry at, and I have the entire movie Singing in the Rain memorized. I’ll also give you a baller discount on a dog flower collar if you send me pictures of your dog, so definitely do that.

No matter which path you go down to book your florist, I hope it leads you to Blooms and Twine Floral Design! We would love to be there to help make your day beautiful. Send us a message today to start your free consultation process — after you’ve thoroughly stalked our Instagram that is!