My Summer Abroad

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As the final term of my junior year is coming to a close, I am preparing to start my senior year of college studying abroad over the summer! In only two weeks from today, I will be flying across the globe. I will be staying in Siena, Italy for my six-week Wine Marketing Program, taking different marketing and Italian culture courses. I will be taking three classes: 1. Principles of Marketing (MKTG 311) 2. Integrated Marketing Communications (MKTG 420) and 3. Cross-Cultural Communications/Perspectives for a total of ten credits. Throughout the duration of the program, we will be visiting numerous wineries to learn about the wine industry in Siena and Florence and international business, in general. We will be creating marketing strategies for several companies.

Along with my school program, I will be meeting my boyfriend Ryan in Austria to extend my Europe adventure. Travel dates listed below.

  • Italy (GEO Study Abroad Program in Siena and more) - June 21 to August 10
  • Austria - August 11 to 14
  • Germany - August 15 to 18
  • Switzerland - August 19 to 22
  • Paris, France - August 23 to 27

With that being said, I have started a travel blog Touristy Thoughts. I will be writing and sharing photos about my adventures abroad with help from my friends. During my time in Italy, I will be writing with my close friend Courtney (who is also in my study abroad program), and after Italy I will be writing with my boyfriend Ryan when we travel to Austria and beyond. Make sure to subscribe and stay tuned for new blog posts and pictures every week to stay up to date with me and my travels.

I know this will be a once in a lifetime opportunity, and I am beyond excited to start this adventure! After this jam-packed year full of the excitement of starting my business and the stresses that come with school, I will be taking somewhat of a pause from working on my business for this travel time, and I am looking forward to this much needed break. However, I will be posting about my adventures frequently on my new blog, so make sure to subscribe and watch out for those!

Love always,

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