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Hi! I am Samantha Kin, welcome to my new blog and website!

I am an aspiring wedding planner and a full-time college student with a determined and positive attitude about life and following my dreams. I am a true believer that anyone can do whatever they set their mind to, and I have had that mindset from a very young age. Here is a little bit about me, my life and my new business!

I grew up in Calabasas, California, which is nestled in the mountains of Malibu Canyon. I have the most supportive family and friends a girl could ask for. My mother, a strong breast cancer survivor and nurse, and my father, a business owner, are my biggest motivators and inspiration. They inspire and empower me every day to do good in this world and to be positive about life!

I am currently a junior at the University of Oregon studying Business with a concentration in Entrepreneurship. I have always known I wanted to start my own unique wedding planning business, so this track seemed obvious and exciting to me. Since day one of college, I have applied what I have learned to my goal of being a creative business woman, and this website is the first official step for me towards reaching my goal! I am minoring in Media Studies to advance my knowledge about media, diversity, advertising, public relations and communication. This minor will help me with my event planning business when it comes to communicating with people, advertising my brand and making educated business decisions.

The past two years I have sought after a variety of experiences in order to grow my skill set. I have joined many clubs and networking groups while in college, such as the Women in Business Club, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Club and Engaging Eugene, a wedding industry networking group in Eugene. I have also been fortunate enough to work with amazing role models in the wedding industry in the Los Angeles, California and Eugene, Oregon areas, which have provided me with the experience I need to begin planning my own events. I assisted about fifteen weddings in the summer of 2017, and it was the most enlightening, inspiring and rewarding experience of my life thus far. It was my first real experience in the wedding industry, and it confirmed my goals and intentions for joining the industry. (Read more about my experiences on my website!)

And now, my entrepreneurial spirit, along with one of my business classes this term, has inspired me to choose To Be Loved Events as my business name. This name encompasses my business aspirations and my beliefs. To me, to be loved means to be cared for, supported, recognized, appreciated and accepted for all of who I am. When I feel loved, I know I can trust that person with anything, and I believe this is a universal feeling that all people strive for. I believe that all events are rooted in love, and I want to spend my life creating beautiful moments of love and happiness within the celebrations I create. My ultimate goal is to be the person my clients can trust on their special days and feel like they are truly recognized, understood and cared for during the planning process and beyond.

Family and friend gatherings are so important to me because they bring together everyone I love into one place. Weddings, along with other events, are about gathering people together who support and love you and want to celebrate that. All events are times to recognize how much you are loved and to celebrate life with those people who are closest to you. They are times to cherish and share your appreciation for those around you. And, to me, that is what life is all about.

My hopes for starting to build my name and my brand now is to begin my career development and promote myself in the best way possible before graduating college! I hope to work for a more established wedding planner after college, while I start my business and offer my own services with To Be Loved Events on the side. I cannot wait to do what I love, so I never have to work a day in my life.

And with that, look out for more blog and social media posts within the coming weeks. Thank you for following along with my journey!

Love always,

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