Photo | Beating50Percent

Photo | Beating50Percent

I am so excited to officially be a Beating50Percent affiliate! Their motto directly aligns with To Be Loved Events in that we both believe in creating long-lasting marriages. I want to help couples down the aisle and also through life with as much support as I can give. Beating50Percent has a few mottos that To Be Loved Events relates with the most.

  1. “We are stubbornly confident that there are still people in pursuit of covenant marriages; Marriages that are undividedly devoted, completely committed, persistently selfless, value-centered, joy-filled, and love-based.” - Beating50Percent... To me these values symbolize my purpose for being a wedding planner: Bringing people together in marriage and then supporting them throughout their married life. Marriage is such an important commitment, and I want to be the person to help others begin their journey together in life and in love.

  2. “Beating 50 Percent is about having better than average marriages, and giving more than 50% to your spouse. The hope is that our readers, viewers, and listeners would be relentlessly compelled to give more, serve more, learn more, play more, seek more, and love more, always more.” - Beating50Percent... Marriage is always about giving, serving and loving your spouse more and more everyday. In my pursuit to help couples plan their wedding and make that commitment to each other, I hope to enhance the couples’ connections by integrating Beating50Percent’s philosophies into my processes.

  3. “It’s all about planning more for your marriage than for your wedding.” - Beating50Percent... What??! A wedding planner is saying this? Yeah! I believe a couple should plan more for their marriage than for their actual wedding! Why? Because yes, the wedding is the day the marriage begins, but the marriage itself is what really matters. Unsuccessful marriage = unsuccessful wedding. With To Be Loved Events, I would love to focus on how each couple can strengthen their connection during the inevitable planning process!

  4. “Love is a verb” which relates to “Love is acting out I DO everyday.” - Beating50Percent... This is my favorite quote because continuing to show love with actions towards your spouse is what Beating50Percent is all about. In my life and business, I try to act out love everyday within my relationships, but also with every interaction I have. Showing love and kindness to others is so important to have a positive and prosperous life. One of my goals with my business is to encourage love and forgiveness throughout a couple’s life, maintaining that connection and living it everyday.

Along with this, Beating50Percent’s values are religion-based, but they apply to all couples who want to strengthen their marriage. My hope being a Beating50Percent affiliate is to share my love of love and to advocate for all marriages! To Be Loved Events is based on this foundation, and Beating50Percent inspires my goals as a wedding and event planning company.

If you feel strongly about these values too, visit their website and use my link to purchase any merchandise! Let me know if you have any questions about their philosophies or ever need advice!

Love always,

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