To Be Loved


Today's quote: "To me, to be loved means to be shown compassion, grace, and understanding. To be loved represents the ability to grow and forgive."

Showing those qualities towards another is a huge indicator of your love for someone, and that can represent your ability to grow together and forgive one another. I love this quote! I hope to carry these qualities through my business and while interacting with others in my personal life!

There are so many ways to put love and being love into words. I love reflecting on this on the 24th of each month. It reminds me of my relationship with my boyfriend, and it makes the date even more special.

Everyone has their own way of describing what it means to be loved, and it makes my heart so happy. I hope you enjoy reading about what it means to be loved from so many different people. My business thrives off of the emotions of people and what they believe to be loved means. 

Love always,

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