To Be Loved

Floral Design | Instyle Blooms

Floral Design | Instyle Blooms

I asked another person what to be loved means to them? Here was the response:

“To be loved is a feeling of acceptance, approval and security. To have captured someone’s attention and they have opened their heart to accept and love you unconditionally. They stick with you through good and bad. Your flaws are overlooked and your moody days are always ended with a simple hug or encouraging words. It is a feeling like no other, a feeling only a few truly experience, but once you have it you never want to let go. The best feeling in the world. To be loved by someone you feel the same way about will warm your heart. Makes you smile when you hear their name. When you see them you know you are meant to be together.”

I love how this response can speak to so many individuals! Ask yourself, "what does to be loved mean to me?"

Love always, 

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