To Be Loved

Photography | Dreamfly Images

Photography | Dreamfly Images

On the twenty-fourth of every month, I will post an answer to: What does it mean to you to be loved? These answers will be coming from my friends, family and anyone else with an answer. I decided on the twenty-fourth because this number has significant meaning to me. January 24, 2014 is my anniversary with my boyfriend, Ryan, so I thought this day would be fitting. For me, the twenty-fourth symbolizes the love that we share and what it means for us individually and collectively to be loved. Therefore, I thought it could symbolize the day I talk about this topic!

These answers will normally be kept anonymous, but to start this off, I decided to ask my boyfriend what to be loved means to him. His response was, “Being loved is one of the most beautiful things someone can experience. Being loved is warmth, happiness and home. Knowing that I am loved brings tears to my eyes. To have someone care for, support and appreciate me is golden. Whether it be romantic love, familial love, friendship love, it is righteous to be loved. You know the feeling when you slide into bed after a terrible day, you're wearing cozy pajamas, and you're finally at peace? That is what it is like to be loved.”

My initial reaction to his response brought tears to my eyes. Before I asked him this straightforward question, I did not fully realize how he felt about being loved. We have talked about it, but not in this way. I know that his answer speaks directly to how I treat him and make him feel. He is saying that the things I say and do make him feel loved, cared for, supported and appreciated, and that is all I can ask for.

From the answers I have collected thus far, I know they have the same foundation. To be loved is a universal emotion all people hope to feel, so my hope with sharing these conversations is to highlight that universality, one feeling we all share that binds us together in some way. My role as a wedding and event planner in To Be Loved Events is to be there for my clients, supporting them, recognizing them and their needs and wants, and being there for anything, before, on or after their event. Recognizing what it means to people to be loved, highlights the reasons for my business’s existence. Special events are times to recognize how much you are loved and celebrate life with those people who love you most. Recognizing what it means to be loved is key to understanding how my business will operate.

I hope you will enjoy reading about what it means to be loved from so many different people. My business thrives off of the emotions of people and what they believe to be loved means.

Love always,

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