Takeaways from Winter Term

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I am currently a senior at the University of Oregon, and I just completed my last winter term, which means I only have one more term until college graduation! I recognize how fast college is flying by, and I always try to apply what I have learned to my business and my goals for after college.

After each term, I reflect on my classes by recounting what I learned and how I will implement it in my business. This past term I took Negotiation Strategies, the Business Capstone, and Entrepreneurial Marketing.

Negotiation Strategies: This class was so very interesting. I got the opportunity to learn how to stand up for myself in my personal and professional lives, how to strategize and plan for different negotiation situations, and how to utilize different tactics and concepts in the real world with communicating. I will definitely be taking these lessons with me in my life and career after college.

Business Capstone: This class was very beneficial for my overall learning of what the business school’s goals were for me. For my group project, we analyzed and created a strategic recommendation for Macy’s. It was such an interesting project. Lots of hard work and long hours for this class! As the capstone class for my major, this course did very well in preparing me for the business world, teaching me how to assess internal and external forces on businesses, and how to create long-term strategies.

Entrepreneurial Marketing: This course was beneficial to my business in that I learned how to market my startup differently than a normal, larger company would. It was interesting to learn different methods and see how to use them in practice. There were several experienced guest speakers who were the highlight of the class.

Moving forward, I am so excited to be awarded my Business degree so soon in June! Stay tuned for more updates about my business and upcoming events!

Thank you for reading!

Love always,