Takeaways from Winter Term


I am currently a junior at the University of Oregon, and I just completed my winter term, which means I only have five more terms until college graduation (one of those being my summer term abroad in Italy). I recognize how fast college is flying by, and I am now trying to apply what I have learned to my business and my goals for after college.

After each term, I will reflect on my classes by recounting what I learned and how I will implement it in my business. This past term I took Business Administration 199: Introduction to Entrepreneurship, Business Administration 352: Business Leadership and Communication, Journalism 340: Principles of Advertising and Finance 311: Economic Foundations of Competitive Analysis. These four classes were pivotal in my learning.

My Business Leadership and Communication course has set me up to excel in my next business courses. The leadership skills I developed were emotional intelligence (self and social awareness, self and relationship management), personal and professional skills to effectively lead and work with others, initiative, responsibility, accountability, skills to “Inspire a Shared Vision” and much more. The communication skills  I developed were understanding what a successful, hard-working team can accomplish together, the ability to communicate effectively through writing and public speaking, what it means to have clear, sticky, and in-depth communication, conflict resolution skills, how to give beneficial team feedback based on only observable behaviors and more. I am so grateful for this course and what I have learned, and I plan to utilize these new skills in my professional career as a wedding and event planner.

Principles of Advertising was a good overview of the topic, including general advertising models, how to create effective advertising, branding, creating effective advertising campaigns and different media strategies. I am hoping the knowledge I gained from this course will help me promote my business in the best way possible!

Economic Foundations of Competitive Analysis was a lot like an economics class I previously took. I will be using my knowledge from this class to understand my market and know how to price accordingly in my industry.

And, finally, Introduction to Entrepreneurship was the most rewarding class I have taken thus far, and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to learn more about entrepreneurship or has a venture in mind already. This class will benefit someone most if they come in with a passion for something and a mindset that will help them achieve their goal of starting something they have only dreamed of. As this class is not required for anything, I would hope it would only attract passionate students. I also cannot recommend Professor Kate Harmon enough. This class exceeded my high expectations and the class covers so much of what an aspiring entrepreneur should know. I cannot believe it is not a required course for my Entrepreneurship concentration. We learned about a variety of topics including design thinking, networking, personal branding, entrepreneurial ecosystems, customer discovery and validation, business models, the business model canvas, value propositions, surveying, prototyping, industry, market and competitor analysis, team building, leadership, communication, intrapreneurship, freelancing, storytelling, how to chase after something you are passionate about and so many more.

This class brought me so much valuable knowledge because every single topic listed above (and many others) will be important to my business in order to make myself stand out from the rest. I am so grateful for my teacher and mentor, Kate. She was, and always will be, an inspiration to me. Kate and this class were the reasons my business, To Be Loved Events, came to life. This class gave me a reason to pursue my passion at this time, and I am so happy it did. I will never forget this class and the skills it taught me.

Love always,

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