Takeaways from Spring Term

Photography | Karlee Steingrobe Photography  Hair | Leah Mooney  Make-Up | Amberly Perez

Photography | Karlee Steingrobe Photography

Hair | Leah Mooney

Make-Up | Amberly Perez

My last day of junior year was yesterday which means I'm officially a senior in college! Thank you to everyone who has helped me get to where I am today! I am so grateful for this life.

Below I have commented on each of my classes this past term and reflected on how I am implementing what I have learned into my business.

  1. Management 321 - Managing Organizations: In this course I learned all about managing people within an organization. To ramble off a few topics, this included how to motivate employees, planning, organizing, directing, leading, controlling, global management, decision making, strategic management, entrepreneurship and much more! Clearly, I will be using all of these aspects of management throughout my business at some point, and I am so grateful for this class. 
  2. Journalism 412 - Philosophy of Communication: In this philosophy class I learned a lot about different forms of media and the future of media. This class really enhanced my critical thinking skills, and I learned how to use media, including my website and social media, to enhance my business.
  3. Finance 316 - Financial Management: For this course, I learned about the time value of money and other skills for controlling my financial practices within my business.
  4. Operations and Business Analytics - Business Information Systems: In this course, I mainly learned about website coding and databases. This was interesting because I now know the basics when it comes to coding for my own website.

Thanks for reading! 

Love always,

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