Takeaways from Fall Term


I am currently a senior at the University of Oregon, and I just completed my fall term, which means I only have two more terms until college graduation! I recognize how fast college is flying by, and I always try to apply what I have learned to my business and my goals for after college.

After each term, I reflect on my classes by recounting what I learned and how I will implement it in my business. This past term I took Management 335: Launching New Ventures, Operations 335: Operations Management and Accounting 340: Entrepreneurial Accounting.

In my Launching New Ventures class, we learned all about what it takes to be a founder, create a team based on the type of business, be a successful startup and much more. This class gave me an amazing foundation and practical tips for starting my business, and this class could not have been more enjoyable. It was definitely one of my favorite classes of my college career.

For my Operations Management class, we learned about supply management and different operational tools and calculations. This will help me manage my time and business operations once I am full-time.

And, finally, for my Entrepreneurial Accounting class, we learned all about business statements and how to manage finances for a business. This will most definitely come in handy soon!

Thanks for reading all about my past term! I love sharing with you about what I’m up to!

Love always,

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